Know About Who Will Win Today Match And Accordingly Place Your Bids!

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A fantasy sport is a kind of imaginary game where online players assemble virtual teams of real-life players from a sport (professional) of their choosing. The teams are then pitched against each other and each player is judged according to their stats in real life playoffs; whether you win or lose depends on your performance in real life games. The team that racks up the most points win.


This concept of fantasy sports has existed from around the time after World War 1 ended. The creation of fantasy sports was sparked by the slightest of things; a debate over the question as to who will win today match? An important factor that boosted the popularity of online sports is the internet. Technology made the hobby more accessible to the public. With stats and rankings being published online, it was easy for anyone to analyze the data and play the game.

And then fantasy sports websites started becoming a thing by the mid-1990’s. Once it gained momentum, there was no going back. Fantasy sports started to branch out from sports like golf and baseball to rugby, soccer and cricket and many more. In modern times, the fantasy sports industry has been reported to be worth around 2 billion dollars and still growing.

Daily Fantasy Sports:

Daily Fantasy Sports competitions are contests played in a short period of time. A week or a month maybe; rather than being played for an entire season.

How DSFs work:

  1. A small registration fee is collected from every player
  2. A part of the registration fees goes towards funding the prize pool. (for revenue reasons a small amount is collected as administrative fees as well)

Fantasy sports depend quite a lot on chance because no matter how much you calculate there will always be that small factor of luck, always the question, who will win today match. Always that small uncertainty exists. Barring that, fantasy sports require skill and good analytical skills.